How do you define sustainability?  The Merrill Group considers it common sense and good business. We take a comprehensive approach to find out first what sustainability means to your company and then focus on how your organization can continually improve upon selected efforts, while finding ways to mitigate short- and long-term risks to your organization. Lastly, we will help you with a communication strategy that engages your stakeholders. 

We can also help your organization become B Corp Certified or achieve certifications such as ISO 14001.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting

We have experience helping over 30 organizations, including the State of Colorado, account for their Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions. Once a baseline is created, Merrill Group can help your company set appropriate reduction goals, while outlining and prioritizing mitigation strategies.

Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy

We have helped companies and public agencies achieve their energy and water efficiency and renewable energy goals by first understanding the best way to track and analyze their data in a maintainable, cost-effective way. Once the data quality is verified, we can normalize your data for weather, complete an analysis on which buildings and areas of operation should be targeted helping your organization capture the significant economic and social benefits of reducing your impact on the environment. 

Market Analysis

We have experience completing market studies which take into account the current and future regulatory framework that affects an industry.  In addition, Merrill Group has direct experience taking advantage of local, state and federal policies and programs to leverage rebates, tax benefits, financial mechanisms and incentives to increase renewable energy usage, reduce energy and water use, and ultimately reduce costs to companies.